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Chef Greg Bodwin

Formal Training:

Le Cordon Bleu

Greg Bodwin, Owner/Executive Chef of Si Bon Chef has been creating dishes as long as he can remember. Born in Beaumont, TX with a background that spawns from Louisiana, it's no surprise that Chef Greg's specialties are Cajun and Creole influenced. His culinary career started in 1995 when the Cajun Fried Turkey was becoming widely known. Starting with a few friends as first customers, he sold Bodwin's Fried Turkeys and Desserts gaining new customers each year with zero advertising. In 2009 Greg decided to go to culinary school and launch his full service catering company, Si Bon Chef. Of course being of Creole decent inspired the name of the company which means "It's so good" in French. Si Bon specializes in Cajun/Creole cuisine, but serves all types of food. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu with High Honors and working a stint at Stephan Pyles Restaurant in Dallas, Greg decided it was time to make his own mark in the world and focus on Si Bon. Taking what he learned from Le Cordon Bleu, Greg applies classical French Techniques to family recipes to make them even better. Using sauces made from scratch makes all the difference when you taste Greg's food. It's this attention to detail and love of food that makes Si Bon Chef stand apart from the rest. Chef Greg's family tree is heavy with generations of Southern cooks. When eating his food, you are experiencing his Great Grandfather's boudin, his Grandmother's desserts, his Mother's, Aunt's, and Grandmother's Gumbo all with a Si Bon twist.

Now that's a lot of goodness...

Meika Johnson

"Chef Mimi" is a creative genius in the kitchen. When life throws her lemons, she literally makes lemon meringue pie. Her passion for food is deeply rooted, as she hails from a long line of great cooks in her family. She took it a step further, and began creating worldly cuisine. Her work has been featured on the Food Network, Spike TV, Good Morning Texas, and ABC. She also has published recipes in Crock-Pot, and has won several Texas State Fair blue ribbons. In her spare time she enjoys blogging and recipe development.

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